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Debate over shared parenting could affect military parents

A new law is being considered in another state which could have an effect on parents all over the U.S. Military parents in all states, including Florida, should especially be aware of this bill, since it could have long-reaching implications. One state's lawmakers are attempting to make mandatory shared parenthood a reality. That means that, if the bill passes, judges will be required, in most cases, to grant 50/50 shared custody of children to parents who are going through a divorce.

Relocation after a Florida divorce: Good and the bad consequences

In any divorce, the children involved usually want both parents to live close to each other. In cases where the parents are constantly fighting, however, that may not be the best choice for the well-being of anyone in the family. Relocation can be a good thing in such cases, but moving too far could also be detrimental. There are both good and bad consequences of moving after a divorce in Florida or any other state.

Parental responsibility and custody rights for disabled parents

One state representative is seeking custody rights for parents who are disabled. He feels that parental responsibility is not shared fairly with disabled parents in a divorce, and he wants to put an end to it. The man adds that whether a judge purposely shuns the disabled parent or does it subconsciously, it is an unfair practice. Although this state representative is not from Florida, the outcome could affect the state's disabled citizens and their children.

New law could affect child custody and military parents

A new law could affect the way child custody cases are handled. Although the idea was made a law in another state, House Bill 492 could change the way other states, including Florida, handle custody and divorce. This law does away with primary custody and creates a new way to parent known as shared custody. There are a few ways to make such a law work for military parents.

Parental responsibility in child custody: Doing what's best

Part of being a parent is making uncomfortable decisions in the best interests of a child. This is an important parental responsibility. Parents who are considering divorce will have to navigate child custody and related issues. Some others may be wondering if they could get custody of the child of a close relative, or family friend. In Florida, as in other states, there are several steps involved in making a child custody decision.

3 issues that can put stress on your parenting plan

If you are a parent getting divorced, there may no more difficult task you can imagine than getting a parenting plan in place. Between the fighting between parents and the requirements dictated by Florida parenting plan laws, it can be an incredible challenge to get a plan in place with which both parents are satisfied.

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