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Mistakes to avoid when filing for divorce

For some people in Florida, the decision to divorce can bring about feelings of relief and happiness. For others, it can intensify their feelings of hurt and abandonment. People who are involved in high-asset divorces should not let their feelings get the best of them during this time in their lives. Their emotions can distract them from the big picture and make it harder for them to protect themselves and move on, resulting in them getting less than their fair share in their divorce settlements. 

Building a prenup with property division in mind

Many people hold to misunderstandings about a prenuptial agreement. Some see it as bad luck or an omen that the marriage will not last, while others think that such a document is only for high-net-worth couples. A prenup is actually agreed upon by both parties to decide how the couple's assets would be divided in the event of a divorce. Florida is known as an equitable distribution state, meaning that marital property is divided fairly in a divorce, though not necessarily equally. If the couple has a valid prenup, that contract would control. 

The number one tip for property division success

When it comes to dividing marital wealth, the old adage certainly applies. It is impossible to be over prepared, and an ounce of prevention truly is worth a pound of cure. Property division requires a careful and thorough approach, especially in light of the fact that the outcome will have a lasting impact on the financial security of both Florida spouses for many years to come.

New Years Resolution: Get Divorced

The holidays have long been a period of sadness for some. It can be because of loneliness, not being able to see family, being haunted by memories of holidays past, or just the forced cheer of the season. It can make people depressed or worse.

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