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Florida military parents and a military Family Care Plan

Kids often bear the hardest brunt of divorce. Divorced and single military parents in Florida need to have a Family Care Plan (FCP) in place in the event they are called to duty and need to have their children looked after when they are unable to do so. The FCP allows a parent to name guardians for their children when they are on deployment. The plan also stipulates who will care for the children and how they will be provided for financially should something happen to the parent while on deployment.

Parental responsibility: Coping with a difficult co-parent

When one person is more set on getting a divorce than another, it can create a lot of drama. When it comes to parental responsibility in these instances, Florida parents must always do what is best for their children, even if there are what seem to be insurmountable differences between the separating spouses. Co-parenting can pose challenges in the best of circumstances, but adding a disgruntled parent to the mix can make it seem overwhelming.

Parental responsibility: Father looking for equal rights

Separated and divorced fathers are starting to make noise about custody issues. Most divorced dads in Florida don't shirk their parental responsibility and indeed, many say they would like to be more involved in their children's lives. Some fathers have financial trouble and find it tough to pay child support and some say the legal system has let them down.

Rapper Nas against relocation of son he shares with former wife

A well-known musician has issues with his former wife's conduct with their son. Nasir Jones, who is known as Nas, is a successful rapper whose former wife, Kelis, he claims, has violated the custody order in place for their son, age 9, with the relocation of the boy to her native Colombia. He claims she has violated the agreement 17 times. Florida parents, as well as those in other states, are bound by the court orders in custody cases.

Parental responsibility in Florida: Getting dads more involved

Fathers who aren't involved in co-parenting on a 50-50 basis with their former spouses rarely stay involved in their children's lives, according to a recent study. Parental responsibility in Florida means that the best interests of the child come before anything else and data suggests that children who have both parents involved in their lives -- unless abuse is an issue -- do better than those who don't. The courts in Florida ideally want both parents involved in the lives and upbringing of their children.

Parental responsibility: Being conscious about co-parenting

Divorce doesn't need to impact children negatively as was the belief held many decades ago. In fact, in terms of Florida parents' parental responsibility to their kids, it may be more of a detriment to their children to stay in an unhappy, angst-filled marriage for the sake of their offspring. Just because a marriage is over doesn't mean a family has to end as well, and when a couple makes a concerted effort to positively co-parent their children, it's a win-win situation. 

Parental responsibility: When does the legal obligation end?

Parents never stop loving their children no matter how old they or their children get. But in terms of parental responsibility, there does come a time when most Florida parents are no longer legally obligated to their children, at least in most instances. Parents do have a legal obligation to provide support for their minor children until they reach 18 years of age.

Bird nesting shows heightened parental responsibility

Some parents have decided to have the children stay in the family home after their marriages end. Parental responsibility takes on a new meaning in certain divorce situations in Florida where the children actually stay put and their parents have separate apartments. If it is financially feasible, experts say the children benefit from this sort of situation. The parents are the ones who share the home with the children on a rotating basis and move their things in and out when they leave.

Military parents have options when it comes to visitation

Children whose parents are in the military are likely used to change. Yet the one constant military parents want for their children is to be able to offer them their time on a regular basis. When a parent is in the military ironing out a visitation schedule for a noncustodial parent is paramount to ensuring children have positive relationships with both parents.

Parental responsibility: Child custody in polyamorous situations

The definition of family today differs greatly from decades ago. Still, no matter what relationships people are in, as parents, the parental responsibility still exists to do what is in the best interests of their children, and that also holds true in respect to custodial situations. Florida residents who are in polyamorous relationships may find themselves in sticky situations should they decide to break ties with one or more partners who may have a vested interest in the children.

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