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How involved should children be in a divorce?

There are many opinions about whether children should get a say during divorce proceedings. Some experts say kids should absolutely voice their opinions while others suggest keeping them far away from everything as possible. Ultimately, you need to consider the age and maturity level of your children before deciding whether to ask for their input. 

Divorce and your family business

If you and your spouse own a Florida business but are contemplating divorce, your business in all likelihood represents a major portion of your marital assets. Consequently, deciding what to do with it is one of the most important decisions you and your spouse must make since it affects not only the business, but also your property settlement.

Is a collaborative divorce right for you?

If you are a Florida resident contemplating divorce, both you and your spouse, despite your irreconcilable differences, probably hate the thought of a protracted, acrimonious court battle. What you may not realize is that more amicable options exist. One of them is collaborative divorce, and it may be the approach that best fits you and your spouse and your specific situation.

Should you and your spouse negotiate on your own?

During a divorce, many soon-to-be ex-spouses try to save money and time by negotiating with each other. In a few cases, it works. Many times, though, this move turns into a giant headache and worsens the situation. For one thing, you could make an offer that is not exactly legal or give up much more than you think you have to.

Why is it a mistake to post on Facebook during your divorce?

First things first: Yes, some people are able to use social media just fine during their divorce without experiencing repercussions. However, it is a good idea to, at the very least, avoid Facebook use and other social media use. To cover your bases altogether, the recommendation is to suspend your posting until the divorce is over.

Act fast if you are served with divorce papers in Florida

Has your spouse served you with divorce papers in Florida? Now is the time to inform yourself about the necessary next steps. Florida state law has a very specific timeline in which you must respond, and if you do not respect the procedure you could find yourself in difficulty.

3 steps to take after being served with divorce papers

If you receive divorce papers, you may have trouble thinking clearly for a few hours or even days. While you have 20 days to respond to the divorce filing, you do not want to wait until the last minute to figure everything out. It may just sound too overwhelming to you right now, as the thought of getting a divorce can be extremely disheartening.

3 ways you can help your kids through divorce

Figuring out a divorce is never simple, especially for children. Your kids will be particularly affected by your marriage breaking down. They will feel a lot of stress, confusion, sadness and anger throughout the process. While you certainly have your own emotions to deal with, you can also help your kids cope with divorce. 

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