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Child custody analysts debate sharing parental responsibility

One of the more positive trends in family law from the past year is the increasing acceptance of shared parenting. While Florida's attempt to pass applicable legislation was not successful, over 20 states are now entertaining bills that could make equal parental responsibility the legal presumption in child custody cases. Such a trend mostly affects fathers, who have traditionally been reduced to the role of a visitor after a contentious divorce. While fathers' rights groups applaud the shift, some factions are still reluctant to support legislation.

Shared parenting fairly divides parental responsibility

Shared parenting is becoming more widely accepted in Florida family courts and across the country. What used to be known as joint custody has been given a more positive name to promote the positive aspects of sharing parental responsibility. The concept of parenting as partners after a divorce may seem difficult to some, but encouraging evidence pointing out the benefit to children may be enough to dispel some of the common misconceptions surrounding shared parenting.

Child custody and parental responsibility over Thanksgiving

With the Thanksgiving holiday just days away, divorced parents may be concerned about how to fairly divide time with their children. Although the main event may be Thursday's dinner, many families have traditions that flow through the weekend. In fact, by extending the celebration through Sunday, Florida parents may have a better opportunity for a more equal sharing of parental responsibility.

Tribal court child custody and relocation cases in new lawsuit

A new lawsuit has been filed in another state which alleges that federal law was violated in an Indian tribal court. According to the suit, the state's department of human services, as well as the county in which the suit was filed, sent child custody cases to a tribal court despite the fact that both parents had not consented to do so, resulting in the relocation of the child to a reservation. Although this case was not filed in Florida, the state has many Native American parents, and parents who are married to Native Americans who may be interested in the outcome.

Keeping children out of the conversation through mediation

When Florida parents have trouble communicating and getting on the same page, that contention can bleed into the rest of the family. This often happens during a divorce, and the children could get an earful. Using something like mediation could make keeping children out of the conversation easier since the parents are encouraged to calm down and work together for their benefit.

Debate over shared parenting could affect military parents

A new law is being considered in another state which could have an effect on parents all over the U.S. Military parents in all states, including Florida, should especially be aware of this bill, since it could have long-reaching implications. One state's lawmakers are attempting to make mandatory shared parenthood a reality. That means that, if the bill passes, judges will be required, in most cases, to grant 50/50 shared custody of children to parents who are going through a divorce.

Relocation after a Florida divorce: Good and the bad consequences

In any divorce, the children involved usually want both parents to live close to each other. In cases where the parents are constantly fighting, however, that may not be the best choice for the well-being of anyone in the family. Relocation can be a good thing in such cases, but moving too far could also be detrimental. There are both good and bad consequences of moving after a divorce in Florida or any other state.

Parental responsibility and custody rights for disabled parents

One state representative is seeking custody rights for parents who are disabled. He feels that parental responsibility is not shared fairly with disabled parents in a divorce, and he wants to put an end to it. The man adds that whether a judge purposely shuns the disabled parent or does it subconsciously, it is an unfair practice. Although this state representative is not from Florida, the outcome could affect the state's disabled citizens and their children.

New law could affect child custody and military parents

A new law could affect the way child custody cases are handled. Although the idea was made a law in another state, House Bill 492 could change the way other states, including Florida, handle custody and divorce. This law does away with primary custody and creates a new way to parent known as shared custody. There are a few ways to make such a law work for military parents.

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